Monday, March 30, 2009

Paying Taxes is "Voluntary"

You have heard me say on these pages that you are forced by the government to pay your hard-earned money over to other people who are selected by the government, my proof being an invitation to you to experience the consequences of not paying your taxes. The Majority leader of the United States Senate disagrees.

After seeing the following video, I have further concluded that the Senate Majority Leader is either an idiot, a fraud, self-deceptive or a demagogue, or all of the above. But you don’t need to agree with me. Consider Harry Reid’s arguments in his own words. Not merely amazing. Absolutely astounding.

George Orwell would enjoy this.

If Harry Reid actually believes that you are voluntarily contributing to all of the expenditures that he and his cronies authorize to perpetuate themselves in office, it explains why they act without restraint or guilt.