Saturday, October 11, 2008

The "Leaders" are Clueless

The more and more the “leaders” of the country and the world assume that it is their role to decide how to “fix things,” the crazier and crazier it makes me. Plato was wrong. There is no man or group of men wise enough and knowledgeable enough to command an economy to work effectively. They should just get out of the way. Recovering from their past mistakes will be painful but short-lived and humanity will be better off in the long run.

Now George Reisman is a wise and knowledgeable man. He has written a huge tome entitled “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics” and he understands how it all fits together. But he would be the first to laugh at you if you asked him to fix the economy. He has a blog on which he occasionally posts his comments. I invite you to read his August 30 entry, “Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on Taxing Oil Companies and Giving the Money to Others.”

The younger folks with a thirst for knowledge and understanding ought to read Reisman’s treatise and take his course on the Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism.

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