Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too Long Without a Post?

The past 15 years have seen a good number of blogs develop from small beginnings into influential media powerhouses that took their creators from their "real jobs" to become professional bloggers. Sites like, The Drudge Report, Pajamas Media, ZeroHedge and Global Economic Trend Analysis are now established sources of news and opinion visited daily by vast numbers of people.  Mike Shedlock discussed what it takes for commercial blogging success in New Economic Model for Bloggers, where he listed the why some blogs do not generate enough traffic for commercial success:
  • Inconsistency in posting quality
  • Inconsistency in posting frequency
  • Content too similar to what the top few blogs post
  • Site too new to attract a large following
  • Blog author gives up
You will note that it has been over a year since my last post.  Clearly I have paid no attention to posting frequency and apparently am not interested in building traffic for commercial success.

This blog has limited objectives.  The first is to to provide the reader with a perspective that he might not find elsewhere by synthesizing a number of disparate opinions and news reports and making observations that might educate and enlighten readers, or to point out reports on the internet that the reader might overlook.

The other objective is to serve as a handy launching point for daily reading of the blogs and news sources which provide a useful understanding of economic events and social trends -- events and trends the understanding of which is important to your economic well-being.  If this site is used as a launching point, the reader will occasionally find my own contribution.  Many bloggers, even some of my favorites, post news and opinion that appear elsewhere and contribute little more of substance to their post.  I hope not to do that and remain content to defer to others who can devote their full time and attention to blogging.  As a retiree, I do not have a real job, but I have a real life.

The reports you can find in the links shown here in the right-hand column have, over the past year, quite adequately followed important events, trends and opinions, which include the unraveling of the European Monetary Union, the tragic potential of a global fiat monetary system, the rampant corruption in high places, the folly of unsustainable debt, and the continued slow conversion of the United States from a government that protects and respects liberty and achievement to one controlled by an elite political class and their cronies and which promotes government dependency and a servile population.