Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Prescience of Ayn Rand

Yesterday, Stephen Moore, economics editor for the Wall Street Journal, published an editorial entitled, "'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years." At the end of the piece, he addressed the planned movie of this cautionary tale by Ayn Rand:
David Kelley, the president of the Atlas Society, which is dedicated to promoting Rand's ideas, explains that "the older the book gets, the more timely its message." He tells me that there are plans to make "Atlas Shrugged" into a major motion picture -- it is the only classic novel of recent decades that was never made into a movie. "We don't need to make a movie out of the book," Mr. Kelley jokes. "We are living it right now."
Those of you who are having trouble understanding why "what you are living right now" is incomprehensible should read the book.

(Update 1/21/08) The Journal editorial has been wildly popular. Watch the video interview of its author.

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