Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The War of All Against All -- Reductio ad absurdum


Michael Shedlock reports that the porn industry is seeking a $ 5 billion bailout. While they are not losing money, they point out that their social value is essential as it serves a vital public health function.

Listen to me people. A whole host of supplicants can propose to serve socially useful functions with your money. While the porn industry might argue that it is socially useful, some might disagree; and the same reasoning could apply to others who want to tap into your taxpayer money. Who should decide? If your money is taken from you by force (taxation) or stealth (inflation), the decision is not yours. It is the decision of central planners and politicians, the same people who have led us to our present circumstances.

Larry Flynt and Joe Francis, with tongue in cheek, are emphasizing the absurdity of what Dr. Edward Hudgins has regularly termed the "war of all against all." To make government and its coercive powers the ultimate arbiter of what ought to be a free market decision is to create a vicious scramble for an access to your pocketbook that is beyond your control. You then become a resource, a slave to whatever objective that the politicians deem socially useful, or worse, in their own political interest. The answer to this very dark prospect is limited government and a monetary system that is beyond political control.

Aside from the subject matter in which he deals, Larry Flynt has proved himself to be a pioneer in staking out the boundaries of our First Amendment rights. Boundaries are important to our protections. Even though we might not go there, those boundaries keep the forces of government coercion far away from our private lives and assure that we need never worry that the government will storm our bedrooms.

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