Thursday, October 1, 2009

Congress Has Their Own Health Care

ABC News has published an expose on Special Health Care for Congress, detailing the health care perks for the lawmakers. (Hat tip to Robert Bidinotto.)  This information probably will not set well with the public.

In fairness, there is some validity to the idea that special care should be taken to assure the good health of Congresspeople.  But when those Congresspeople then presume to pass laws that are intended to keep you from securing similar care for yourself, it is outrageous.

When many of the tyrannies we see around us are totalitarian governments run by single dictators, it is easy to forget that the population can be oppressed by any form of government.  Athens, a democracy, deteriorated into tyranny by the majority.  The French revolution resulted in a republican form of government that tyrannized the population with purges.  Our founders crafted a unique republican form of government that they attempted to preclude from tyranny by limiting its functions to avoid the scope of damage it could do to the people.  But, as Ron Paul notes,  it ultimately is the responsibility of the people to protect themselves and preserve the original intent of the founders:
Mr. Franklin in his plea to those attending the Convention also issued a warning which we have not heeded. A Constitution is only as good as the people who administer it. If the people become corrupted, the government will become corrupted, and the Constitution will become a worthless piece of paper. The wisdom and integrity of the governors of the Constitution are the strength that makes the document so powerful. The American people have failed to take note of Benjamin Franklin’s warning.
Have a majority been so dumbed down by a government education system designed to produce a nation of sheep, so ignorant of the principles on which our freedoms are based, and so misled by corrupt politicians and their surrogates, that they have been rendered incapable of defending their own liberties?  Will the great American experiment implode suddenly like the Soviet Union?  Or will it just slowly slide into historical oblivion as a temporary anomaly, with neither a bang nor a whimper?

It will take more than you and me to change the trend.  So if you care, you need to persuade others to get politically involved and work to limit government to the defense of our individual liberties, not to curtail them.

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