Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tax and Spend

Despite the Bush Administration's profligate spending, the Democrats have now rehabilitated their traditional role as the party of Tax and Spend.  Their bailouts of Wall Street dwarfed those of the Bush Administration (which were supported by a Democrat Congress).  The so-called reform of the health care system will impose huge taxes on anyone with income marginally capable of coming up with the cash and heap huge unfunded financial burdens on States that are already bankrupt, causing more taxes from governments that can't print money.  Any doctor who accepts Medicare or Medicaid will see his already inadequate income from these sources nosedive, yet another tax.  And now, according to Democrat Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland, the Democrats will pass cap and trade, "the most significant revenue-generating proposal of our time,"  No wonder it's called "Cap and Tax."  Oops, I forgot newspeak.  Freedom is Slavery.  War is Peace.  And it's not a tax.  Taxes are voluntary.

[Update 10/5/09] Senator Boxer says that , cap and trade will create jobs by creating an entirely new industry.   She is unquestionably correct: full employment for pseudo scientists, bureaucrats, and eco-freaks and their ilk whose strange religion casts mankind and his reason as the evil destroyer of morally superior plants and fish.  Of course, we know who will profit.

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