Monday, October 12, 2009

Debating Charles Manson

Leigh Scott opines that Debating Leftists is Like Debating Charles Manson.  His point is that they are so disconnected from reality that rational people cannot engage them in meaningful discussion or debate:
For an actual debate, two things are needed.  One, there must be a logical and factual distinction between two separate positions.  Two, there must be equally matched participants, each one prepared and versed enough to intelligently present their side of the issue.
We don’t have that.  We have one group of people who live in a fantasy world, full of twisted facts, backwards logic and wishful thinking.  You can’t debate that. There is no factual, honest, or logical way to support their positions.  It’s like arguing the best way to take a cross-country trip with a delusional Dungeons and Dragons geek.   You want to reroute to avoid traffic on the I-10.  He wants to  “avoid the realm of the Bugbears.”
The other side of the “debate” isn’t operating in the same reality.  They do not operate in reality at all.
You should read the entire post.

Now you know why this blog is devoted to evaluating history, philosophy and economics as part of reality. Otherwise, there is nothing worthwhile to say.

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