Monday, October 5, 2009

Paying for Your Own Propaganda

What with political correctness and speech codes on campus, legislative and regulatory moves to shut down talk radio, introduction of vague legislation to control speech on the internet, suppressing information about Wall Street bailouts, and attempts to ram through legislation before it can be read much less studied, it is clear that the left and people running the government have no respect whatsoever for the First Amendment.  The latest assault is the Administration's attempt to use taxpayer dollars for partisan political gain by propagandizing the sheeple.  See

No matter how distasteful it is to put up with people whose opinions are offensive, you need to defend their right to express them because by doing so you are protecting your own right to speak out.  The other side of this coin is your right not to be taxed (coerced) to subsidize the political speech of those who are out to shut you down.

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